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http://www.tangledfaith.net/Christian-jewelry-p/74121.htm Christian Horseshoe Nail Designer Necklace hematite cross pendant for her suspended by a stainless steel corn chain Christian jewelry Feather earrings
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Christian jewelry Christian earrings Empowering Bracelet Black leather crystal studded and chain bracelet accessories with bling for woman
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Christian jewelry necklace made with turquoise stones accented with a small cross wrapped with artistic silver wire. Twisted and Wrapped  with Artistic Wire Men's Horseshoe Nail Cross pendant by TangledFaith. Brass Charmed Star Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace by TangledFaith Christian Jewelry
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Charmed Star
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Brown leather cross pendant with rhinestones Christian jewelry necklaces for women designed with a unique brown glass tile, pearls and feathers accented with beautiful cross pendants encased in artistic wire. Hope - Horseshoe nail cross pendant in Pink hand wrapped artistic wire, pink glass pearl and pink leather necklace by TangledFaith jewelry
Durango Brn
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Hope Pink
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