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TangledFaith Christian Jewelry Inspirational Designer of Jewelry

TangledFaith Christian Jewelry Creating Inspirational jewelry since 2010. Our Unique design inspired from Horseshoe Nails creating a classic cross symbol our mission is to spread Love, Faith and Hope of Christianity into the World. TangledFaith Christian Jewelry a Quality Collection of hand crafted designs offers endless possibilities reflecting individual personalities with fashion and style from sweet and simple to Bold and Flashy. Hand embellished with artistic wire, precious and semi-precious stones. TangledFaith Jewelry Collection for Men, Women and Teens Quality Unique Inspirational Gifts to fit your individual fashion style.

We have many creative inspirational designs from Horseshoe Nails to Beautiful Christian Jewelry. Some designs are sweet and simple, others bold and amusing. Our Jewelry offers endless possibilities to reflect your own personal style. With Faith, Pride, Friendship, and Gods Blessings, we continue to offer our very best in customer service. We hope through your journey of life, you will always have a Twist of Faith. Sincere Blessings

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